Flower, cursed be thy fruit

Good day guys!

Today I'm sharing my submission for Polish Hoarder Disorder's weekly challenge.

The theme was to interpret a song on your nails. I'm sure my choice is a snotch obscure but it's one I love from my favorite band, Moonspell. The extra challenge is for you to guess the song in question. I've chosen to interpret a verse from the chorus. I think it came out really awesome!


The base is a Sally Hansen mini from last year's holiday gift set. The stamps are China Glaze Millennium and Wet n' Wild Black Creme and French White Creme. I mixed black and white to stamp the middle flower on my middle finger. The stamps are fauxnad K05 and E02.
I also used the black and white to smudge and darken my nails to give the effect of both ashes and decay. The decal on my pinkie is from Fingr's Royal Punk collection.

Be sure to leave your song guesses in the comments. First to get it right gets a virtual cookie! (Googling, as ever, is allowed.) Thank you for looking!


  1. Can I steal you mind for a while? Can I stop your heart for a while? Can I freeze your soul and your time?
    Awesome idea for a mani!

  2. Oh forgot to add that I know the song is "Scorpion Flower" from the album, Night Eternal.

  3. That's pretty cool but I wouldn't have a clue as to the song or the artist you're trying to portray here.

  4. Deb wins the virtual cookie!!!
    I knew you'd for sure get it! And I thank you for quoting more. Dang, I love me some Moonspell!

    Sprinkles, no worries friend. I didn't expect many to get the band or song if they are not metal fiends such as myself. ;)
    Thank you for the compliment and your visit. I was really pleased how it came out and always happy to hear from you!


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