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Good morning!

As promised yesterday, I have some recent nail art to show you.

I've been playing more an more with sponging and it's been a little hit or miss. I definitely need a little more work.

Sponge look

Orly Snowcone and Lemonade, China Glaze Heli-Yum
sponged over Nailene Hard and Healthy French Manicure base
Sponge blended and topped with Nina Ultra Pro Molten Opal

Sponge look

Cat hair courtesy of Gus and Dita.

I'm not getting a lot of success with a look like this. I think I need to mark out the areas I want to sponge and then blend later. It's okay and it's kind of cute but I know I can do better.
Lemonade hard to clean up, it really wants to cling to your skin. I'm a little sad that it's not more sparkly but Molten Opal did give it a nice iridescence.

Next we have a polka dot mani that came out pretty cute despite my having super shaky hands that day.

More Polka dots
Base is my franken, Bermuda
Dots are Orly Country Club Khaki, Orly Pink Chocolate and China Glaze Grape Pop

I did the the thumb differently. I was inspired by a look I saw on one of the other blogs and I'm a complete jerk for not remembering who exactly. Their look is waay better than mine so if anyone knows who it is, please let me know so I can provide their link. You will like it.
Anyway, getting back to my business. This is the thumb.

Polka dots

Base is Orly Country Club Khaki
Dots are China Glaze Grape Pop and Four Leaf Clover
and Orly Pink Chocolate.

I don't think either came out too bad but I definitely need more practice.
Have you done any nail art lately that you're really proud of? Any looks that made you want to cry?

That is it for me. Thank you for stopping by and have a pleasant day!


  1. All nail art that i do with konad always makes me proud.
    But there are stuff sometimes ashame me and i take it all off. So, there are no witnessess, muahahah!

  2. nice.. i love the multi color sponge... XD

  3. I really like that top look. I don't usually even bother to attempt nail art on myself anymore. It always ends up being a big mess.


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