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Good day!

I've been sporadic lately because I'm on a serious no-buy. I've been banking my mail polish money to blow on Orly Cosmic Fx and Plastix. So it's left me with time on my hands and less nail polish on my fingers. For reals, I went to work today WITHOUT polish on. I hated every moment of it!
Anyway, that explains my randomness as of late.

One constant I do have is music. I'm not just the metal girl but a full blown, annoying music geek. I know this about myself but I do often fancy myself a normal person without massively passionate obsessions. As if!
I get back down to earth as soon as I find myself talking music to the non musically obsessed. The glazed eyes, bored expressions and fidgety body language say it all. Why do I mention this? Because of the book I am currently reading and sadly relating to.

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It's pretty funny and at times indulgent and pretentious. Most memoirs are and seeing as this is written by a self-described "Drooling Fanatic," one should expect nothing less. I've done and said a lot of the same things as the author and I find myself both embarrassed and proud. But there are some things I've done that were a special kind of idiotic.

For instance:

I once spent a day speaking in song lyrics to an employee at work. Aside from the things I had to say that were work related, I really spouted nothing but lyrics. Why did I do this? Because I thought it would be funny. Not so much. It was more like bewildering and pathetic.
This was no easy task. I got desperate for material 15 minutes into my shift! Thank bob for my iPod, my trusty red notebook and the store's music network!  I kid you not, I referenced Air Supply, The Carpenters, Rick Astley, Def Leppard, The Scorpions, Katatonia, Moonspell, Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye. Just to name a few. I have learned my lesson for now. But at the time I was so All Out  of Love, though I was Never Gonna Give You Up because I wanted to be Close to You...
(See? Not funny. Well, maybe to me.)

I cannot stress to you enough that I have truly awful taste in music. Aside from my heart's blood (METAL) that is. Ok, I love me some Motown and that's good. Love some country like Patsy, Johnny and Dolly. You know I love Punk, how could I not? But none of that matters when I tell you that I truly adore Air Supply. Yep. And Eurovision. I live for melodramatic, overwrought power ballads. I get chills when I hear heavily Bulgarian accented English in a cheesy pop song. As far as I'm concerned, Moldova is the center of the universe of all things musical. Next to the Czech Republic.
Are you recording a song about broken love featuring a symphony, a spoken word monologue in the middle and a gospel choir? It will be my new favorite song and I will sing it loudly and poorly at work.
Are you an Eastern European willing to sing in a non-native tongue to overly produced synthesized music that aims to pair your country's folk music tradition with dance beats? I will instantly "Like" you on Facebook and have your song as the default ringtone on my phone.
Seriously people, NEVER let me be in charge of the music at your party.

Speaking of parties, this was the playlist at my wedding:

Guests arriving and seating : "The Way You Look Tonight" "Having A Party" "Born To Run" "Your Love is King"  (The Springsteen deserves explanation, I know. But all you need to know is that it is an in-joke between me and Matt.)

Parents being escorted to their seats: "Sentimental Journey"

Me walking down the aisle: Really wanted it to be "Christmas Canon Rock" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra but decided NOT to embarrass my parents and found a generic recording of Pachelbel Canon.Could have been worse. I seriously considered "Catch The Rainbow." But then I would have had the ENTIRE song played and it is not brief.

Reception: (This is simply a taste...) "Melt With You" "Dancing in The Moonlight" "I'm On Fire" "Sleep Together" "It's No Good" "No One Like You" "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" "When She Begins"

It doesn't seem too bad but realize I was being on my best behaviour. My husband and my family know how I can be but I thought it best not to shame them in front of company.

Other annoying things I have done:
Disrupted my high school history teacher's lecture about World War II by mentioning Iron Maiden songs that related to and referenced events in the war.
I did a presentation in high school English showing the influence of literature in heavy metal music.
Freshman year of college, my final paper for Writing 101 regarded my experiences at a Slayer concert. I received an "A."
Taught clients the lyrics to "All Night Long" by Lionel Richie. Which we sang probably fifty times in one day. I now despise that song.
I also hold dance parties when we wax the floors at work. Have I mentioned that I dance like a stripper? It's not okay.

Now you know. I will be impressed if any of you still choose to associate with me after these confessions.
With that, I say goodbye for now. Thank you for stopping by and Long Live Rock and Roll!


  1. I think your post (though very funny) illustrates how much music means to us. Heck, in sophomore high school English I had to write a research paper. I wrote my research paper about the band, Skid Row. If that is not the height of lameness, I don't know what is.

  2. I once worked with a guy who used to spout song lyrics too! He was hilarious and I truly missed him when he left.

  3. this post really made me laugh, it was adorable :)

  4. Deb - I do not find that to be the height of lameness. Skid Row was pretty awesome back in the day. I'm glad you can relate!

    Sprinkles - You are so sweet. That guy sounds like my kind of person.

    Jeannie - Thank you and thanks for coming by. Really, I'm never afraid to make a fool of myself. ;)


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