Since you been gone... I'm out of my head can't take it

Good morning!

I've been a busy Lamb with work but I was able to spend some time with two of my besties. We had super good times on Saturday night just hanging out, talking and laughing. We don't get to do so very often and it was amazing!

I'm really behind on everything but I wanted to show some previous looks I sported that I had posted on Twitter but not here. Please enjoy them!

First up is a layering combo:

Two VERY thin coats of my franken, Bermuda.
(Yay for Ange for coming up w/ a brilliant name for it!)
Topped with two coats of Sally Hansen HD in DVD
Photo taken with my EVO.

Nope, not the best picture but I'm still finagling with my phone and learning everything. This mani taught me that I need to apply Bermuda in a slightly thicker coat for best coverage. It prolly would have helped to not have done this in the sun room with a breeze coming in either. Oh well...

Next we have another layering combo:

Three coats Milani Techno Red
Topped with two coats L.A. Girl Rock Star in Electric Guitar
Again taken with my EVO

This one was super hot! I love, love, love Techno Red. I did not think I would because it's a jelly, more of a coral-y red and well, I only got it because I needed a "neon red" in my stash. Now I'm starting to love the jellies and this color just makes me so freaking happy. I'm so glad to find Milani!
I've never done a proper swatch of Electric Guitar and it will be coming up. That said, I love that too. It's a beautiful burnished gold with glorious holo glitter. Layered over Techno Red, it made the color more orange. Loved the golden shimmer and well, you know how I love glitter so the holo glitter pieces made me exceptionally happy.
I did this to refresh a two day wear of Techno Red and it's similar to some layering I've shown with OPI DS Treasure but this is way better. But glitter makes almost anything better!

Finally, I have my most favorite layered look ever: 
(I do recommend clicking this and enlarging it.)

Base is Golden Rose Holographic 115
Topped with two coats OPI Paris Couture For Sure
Sponged with Nina Ultra Pro Grin and Bear-y It
and China Glaze Towel Boy Toy
Finished with one coat Paris Couture For Sure
and Out The Door Northern Lights Top Coat

I went a little crazy with this. My original look had been the green holo of Golden Rose. The next day I added Paris Couture. Wore that for two days. I needed to change it but I just couldn't bring myself to do it so I decided to sponge half of the right side of my nails with the Nina. Then I sponged half of the left with Towel Boy Toy. I left the green showing at the base and blended it all together with Paris Couture and Out The Door.
Oh. My. Word. This was glorious. The Nina really went purple and its blue shimmer stood out nicely. Towel Boy Toy complimented the green beautifully and none of its shimmer was lost. I stunned myself with how well this came out.

That's going to do it for today. What has been your favorite layered look you've done? What are you go to colors for layering? I do love to layer and am always on the lookout for interesting combos!
Have a wonderful day everybody!


  1. Oh my, that last one is gorgeous! So clever to do the sponging side by side.

  2. First pic? Ohhhhh!
    Second pic? AHHHH!
    Third pic? WOWWWWWZZZAAAA!

    Where can I find this Golden Rose Holo?


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