All those pretty sheep sit mesmerized (PIC HEAVY)

Good day!
Today I have something new and it is pic heavy! There is also another virtual cookie contest to name that song!
Without further ado, let's get to the pics...

I got my hands on two from the Orly Plastix collection and I decided to have some layering fun:

Orly Viridian Vinyl 
two coats, no base or top

I love the satiny and rubbery texture going on with this! As is, it is really cool and the color is highly pigmented. No issues with formula though I recommend applying thicker coats or you will get drag and streaks.
Same as above with one poorly applied coat of Orly Halley's Comet

I did a bad job putting on a thin coat of Halley's Comet but it does look cool over this. It's so sparkly!!
Of course, I had to see what it might look like matte:

Very muted. And a snotch disappointing. Just a snotch. I'd probably still rock it.

I did another paint job and had some fun with layering other polishes. Though I am disappointed in the gloomy weather of the morning. I was completely unable to capture the beauty of one finger!

Index to pinkie:
Sinful Green Ocean
L.A. Colors Craze Radiation
Sally Hansen HD DVD
Cover Girl Boundless Color City Lights

Radiation is a snazzy, sheer duochrome that throws off such a pretty green flash. I just simply could not capture it! Grrr... I also was not able to capture the purple flash that DVD throws. Argh. Just know it looks amaze, ok?

I also had some fun with Old School Orange. I love orange so I absolutely had to have this! That, and the red and purple from this collex was sold out at my Sally wasn't the hardest decision.
That said, who knew orange could look so cool in this finish?

Old School Orange
three coats, no base or top

Once again, I suggest you use thicker coats on this. It is a little sheer and is prone to dragging and streaking if you use thin coats. Damn, I love this. 

Index to pinkie:
OPI DS Treasure
China Glaze Golden Enchantment AND 5 Golden Rings
Cover Girl Boundless Color City Lights
Nina Ultra Pro Molten Gold

Oh, holy bats this was fun! Treasure is awesome over this as it is with every orange. Sadly, it refused to play nice with my camera. (I know it's time to get a new camera.)
Golden Enchantment mixes really well with 5 Golden Rings and looks amazing over this. (As an aside, has anyone else had issues with Golden Enchantment not drying? SRSLY, it takes so long to dry on me!)
My absolute favorite is how Molten Gold looks over this. It makes it a peachy-pinkish color that is divine.
I took five million pictures to get the golden flash it throws as well as it's just plain awesomeness. 

It's so beautiful!!

This was so much fun! I do love to play with layering. ;)
What have been some of your favorite layering combos? Any that were total fail?

Thank you for stopping by! I'm off to play with some more of my awesome Orly haul...


  1. I should play with layering on these, I LOVE your experiments! Especially the orange ones. Very cool!

  2. Yeah, I like the experiment :) Never thought of trying it out this way. Thanks :)

  3. I love these layers! You're making me want to buy the plastix

  4. Normally, I hate any and ALL shades of orange. But - I totally love all those shades of polish with the various layering. So pretty!

  5. The satin finish of those Plastix looks smoking hot on you!!!
    I always enjoy your layering experiments! My absolute favorite of this bunch is NUP Molten Gold over OSA...just gorgeous!

  6. You made these polishes look so fun!! I love the layering :)


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