Atomic waste displaced

Good morning!

Today I'm bringing you a swatch of a color that I've only been showing layered. I'm also asking you to name that song from the lyric posted in the title! My last round didn't go so well considering I had no guesses. :( Sad Panda. (However, if you were curious to know, "All those pretty sheep sit mesmerized," is a lyric from Liv Kristine's "3 A.M.")

Moving along to the pics:

Three coats L.A. Colors Radiation, no base or top

I picked this up at Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago while stocking up on cotton rounds. Radiation is a great electric blue that is slightly metallic and duochrome that throws a green flash. Three coats are optimal for opacity and this applies very nicely. It's not runny or thick. I was very impressed that brush strokes were so minimal since it is somewhat metallic. I do recommend a ridge filler underneath though, it will highlight any uneven surface of your nail.

Same as above but with a snotch more light

I really couldn't capture the duochrome of this and it seems that my camera no longer likes blues. However, you can see its metallic qualities in this shot.
I really like this so much better than I originally thought I would. I knew it was going to be super for layering but I thought it might be underwhelming on its own. Gratefully, no!

So there ya have it! Has anybody found some sweet surprises from Dollar Tree lately? 
I am going to hit Rite-Aid today to see what kind of fun Halloween theme polish they might have and I'm sorely tempted to buy a gallon of pure acetone at Sally. I panic when my regular bottle gets the halfway point.

See you soon and I hope you all have a pleasant day!

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  1. Hiya, just stopped by your blog and love your colour choices! Hope you have a good day!

    Handle With Care (1989) Song 2, Critical Mass:
    Another oil spill
    Atomic waste displaced
    Another forest dies
    Bring on the acid rain

    I admit it... google-fu was my friend :) But I WILL go check it out.

    /waves from Norway


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