Compare and Contrast : Greens

Good day!

Today I'm bringing another comparison. I used both in a layering experiment and couldn't help but notice an uncanny resemblance between the two.

L.A. Girl Rock Star Head Banging
China Glaze Watermelon Rind

Both are turquoise green jelly bases with fine, glass fleck type glitter. In bottle they appear very similar.
On the nail, there is very little difference. Like, nitpicky difference.

Both are three coats.
Watermelon Rind is on middle and pinkie
Head Banging is on index and ring

Of course I ding two of my nails but I am making a killer pinto bean soup and I feel okay denting my nails by grabbing a carton of chicken broth. Anyway...
The only difference I can see is that Watermelon Rind is more dense with its third coat. What I mean by dense is that it would take Head Banging four or five coats to reach that kind of dense green base. Beyond that, I was not able to discern much difference between them at all.
I even consulted my best resource for color and texture, Matt!
Matt has an eye for detail and is picky as hell. He saw my pics and my nails in real life and was not able to find the difference. Aside from the fact that he thought I applied an extra coat on my middle finger.

So, which is one is better? The formula is a snotch better with China Glaze. If cost is a concern, go with Head Banging since it is on the average $2.99. Overall, I dig both and am not at all upset that I have two very similar polishes.
What say you? Do you spot a difference I missed? Which would you prefer?

That does it for now. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hey, you really make me LOL with these comparisons!! I have been saving my Watermelon Rind because I love it but don't want to use it up too soon. And now I find out that I have a close dupe in my untrieds :-O Oh Mighty, you just make my day :-D Please, more comparisons!!


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