Compare and Contrast: Purples??

Good day!

Today I have another comparison between two very intriguing colors. One is the oft coveted and delightful Mr. Wrong from Hard Candy and the other is Purple Gala, the new LE Xtreme Wear by Sally Hansen.

Looks the same in the bottle...

In bottle both appear to have the same purple base but the gold glitter in Purple Gala seems bigger.
Let's see how they look on the nail:

Purple Gala is on index and ring, three coats
Mr. Wrong is on middle and pinkie, three coats

There is very little difference between the two. The only way you can tell them apart is if your coats are streaky like mine was on my index. Purple Gala's base is more of a blue toned purple while Mr. Wrong  has a grey-ed out purple base.
The glitter in Mr. Wrong is finer but more densely packed on the nail. 

Both have a foil-y and glittery appearance and are very hard to pin down. I again asked Matt to look at my nails in person and look at my pictures. Once again, he was hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. 

So, what's the winning polish? Neither really. The formula is even on both. I suggest buying Purple Gala only for two reasons: it's a LE and it is two dollars cheaper than Mr. Wrong. And...maybe if you refuse to shop at Walmart too.
I would recommend buying Mr. Wrong if you're like me and nostalgic for the good old days of Hard Candy's innovative colors and packaging but missed out in the 90's.
Do you need both? I say yes if you're a serious collector.

There ya have it! Which of the two do you prefer and why? Thoughts on the new LE Xtreme wears?

Hope you have a lovely day and thank you for coming by.


  1. I have the Purple Gala so I really don't need Mr. Wrong. Great comparison post!

  2. Well, I just recently fullfilled my long time lemming and got Mr Wrong in a swap. Few days ago I purchased Purple Gala from eBay but I didn't know that these two are so close :-o Thanks for comparison, I have to tell myself now that I really do need both ;-)

  3. yay..i've been wanting purple gala and i have mr. wrong now this help me to stick on mr. wrong....LOL!! thanks for the comparison..

  4. Mr. Wrong is one of my favorites!

    Thanks for the comparison! :)


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