Ducks stackin' wins like Legos, Toastin' Pac-10 like the Eggos

Good morning!

Today I have the first Duck Day manicure of the season! I chose different elements as well as a totally different color this time around.

Three coats of Orly-It's Not Rocket Science
 No name Flower decals on index and ring
"O" temporary tattoos for body and nails on rest.

I finally got the entire Cosmic FX collection and I am crazy about it. Which is why I ended up with this lovely color rather than my usual darker green. I had to wear it!
Orly has yet to disappoint me but I do have a minor issue. Thin coats do not work for me as I experienced drag and streakiness. Doing it a little thicker gave me better results. I did notice some spots on my nails that were a little sheer but I attribute that more to the issues I add with thick vs. thin coats.

Moar sun!

I was so excited to find these temporary tattoos at Oregon Sports. I saw the illustration on the package that showed it could be used on nails and I snapped them up. They were pricey at $4.00 but since I have little talent for freehanding and nothing in my stamping plate collection to replicate the "O", these  fulfilled my longing. They were a little odd to use because I'm so used to nail stickers. However, they applied very easily and lasted a very long time.
The trick is to let them dry thoroughly before applying top coat. I used one coat of Art Club sealer over them than two coats of Out The Door.

The first game of the season turned out to be a huge triumph, if not a little embarrassing. The Ducks dominated New Mexico 72-0. Ouch. But also, YAY! I'm looking forward to see what this season offers.
How do you feel about my color choice? What would you like to see for future Duck Day manicures?
Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


  1. This looks fun! I like the colours. :D

  2. i believe my college plays your college, occasionaly! i was a Buffalo... guess!


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