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In this post, I'm sharing something I've been working on. It took me over a year to even begin working on it because I was just so sad. I finally finished a little tribute to my babies, Copper and Daisy.

Way back in 1999, I met Matt and he had with him two of the best dogs EVER. I was completely smitten with him and his puppies. For nine years, we were a little family. Then Daisy became very tired and retired to Boca. (Matt refuses to say that they were put to sleep or they died. So we compromised and say that they retired to Boca.) The next year, Copper joined her. We were just completely heartbroken. How could you not love faces like these?

my daisy

Daisy, guarding our backyard from squirrels


Copper, not happy to be woken from a nap UNLESS a cookie is being offered.

They were our life, guys. Daisy was my BFF and Copper was dad's little buddy. It was so sad to watch them grow old and then have to say goodbye. This is also where I tell you how much I treasure my Trixie cat. She came to me on my birthday to heal my broken heart over Daisy. 

So now to show you just what I've done...


I have this ready to go in a shadowbox. I added squirrel, tree and flower stickers because the backyard was Daisy's favorite place. Copper loved being outside only when it was sunny and warm. Then, he'd lay on his back and sun his belly. I put Daisy's old ID tag in there and I will eventually put her collar in there. As for Copper's...Matt got rid of his collar and keeps his ID tag on his key chain.

It's all very cutesy but it fits both of their personalities. They were sweet, sunny and loving dogs. I still miss them so much...

I miss you

That pretty much says it all.


  1. What a touching way to remember them! I wish our pets were designed to live longer, but then again, it's hard enough after 10 years or so--can you imagine saying goodby after 40 years?

  2. ahw. I get so sad from reading this because I know that in a couple years that will happen to my lovely dog too. beautiful tribute!

  3. What an absolute wonderful way to remember them. They sound like wonderful dogs, and I can tell how much you loved(and still do)them. Your post made me tear up a bit. I have two dogs,two cats and one horse. They are my babies, and my best friends. I think about the day where I will have to say goodbye to them, and it tears me apart. :-( It's SO hard to lost a pet. I too wish they could live as long as us. *HUGS*

  4. What a beautiful memory box it will be!

  5. That is so beautiful. I know how you feel, I won't go too far into it, but I've kept my dog Patch's collar by my bedside since the day we took him ... to retire. I treasure my dog now, Ozzie, that much more because of how much I miss Patch, and the same with my cat Alex (our old cat Suki also retired several years ago) ... I've finally learned to mostly think about what happy lives they had because I loved them, although I still get sad sometimes.

  6. What a nice tribute. I know what it's like to lose one - it feels like your heart's been ripped out of your chest. I lost one of my 2 birds recently and even after getting a new one I still miss Bitty terribly.

  7. Oh, wow, your post made me cry a little. I've had several pets retire to Boca. I imagine yours and mine are having a high old time,playing shuffleboard or whatever the pet equivalent is. I feel your pain.

    I had to drive one to Boca myself, because she was too tired to get on the plane. That's an experience I hope to never have again.

  8. Thank you all so much.
    This is a subject that always hits home for anyone who has shared their life with an animal. Thank you for sharing your stories with me, it touched my heart!

  9. Oh Heather, this made me cry so much. I completely understand how much you and Matt loved and cared about Daisy and Cooper. I'm like that about my two 'children,' Cara and Emily. What a wonderful, touching, lovely tribute you made for them. You combined great pictures with sweet, special memories. I'm sure that is something the two of you were treasure forever. Was it therapeutic at all making this? After losing two beloved pet cats in 2008, it took me a long time to find the best way to grieve - and for me, that was writing about it. You found such a nice way to remember Daisy and Cooper. I'm glad you shared it with us :) They look like such fun, cute, happy, loving dogs.


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