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Good morning!

Today I'm showing a bit from my recent Claire's haul.

Claire's Mood Polish Flirty/Shy

All are three coats over Gelous base

I resisted these for awhile but I couldn't help going back to this one. I don't have a blue like it in my stash. I didn't know that this dried matte until I got it and I'm tempted to wear it as such sometime. The application is a bit tricky. You have to find a balance between thick and thin coats or it will streak and be patchy. As is, I have a ginormous bald patch on right index finger. It may also be a good idea to wear a ridge filler under this but...I'm out. Boo.

I couldn't leave this alone because I wanted to use something else from my haul.

One coat of purple flakie

Of course I picked up the mini flakie set from Claire's. You know how I love me some flakies.
Word of warning, these smell terrible. It's a horrid, acrid plastic smell. I'm rolling with it anyway because I just apply it in the sunroom so I have adequate ventilation. The flakes are huge and they are very there. Again, I have to apply carefully or I have flakes hanging out over my tips or poking my cuticles. It does apply unevenly but two coats gets a nice layer of flakes.

I had to take pics of how my nails looked afterward because I was tickled by the color change differences on my hand. My ring finger was all dark while the others were light. Body chemistry is an interesting thing, no?

Guess my middle and ring fingers are cold!

That will do it for today. Hope everyone has a good start to the week!


  1. Love this one! And that flakie looks awesome ^^

  2. Hahaha...I put this one on last night too!

    Looks fantastic on you!


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