Looking through the layers

Good morning!

I'm up to my usual tricks and had some super good fun layering. I really enjoy layering because it's interesting to see how colors play together but it's also a good way to expand my nail polish wardrobe. Plus, I realized I can show some of the latest polishes in a new way. Thus, I'm showing bits of my Cosmic FX stash without doing the same old, same old.  ;)

Base is Sally Hansen Salon in Black Patent Leather
Index: One coat L.A. Colors Craze Radiation
Middle: One coat of Orly Space Cadet
Ring: One coat of Orly Halley's Comet
Pinkie: One coat of Orly Galaxy Girl

Black Patent Leather is a discontinued polish but it is an exact dupe for China Glaze Liquid Leather.
I love how Radiation becomes such a vibrant, shimmery green over the black.
But wait, look at the Orly polishes! Oh, my word they are hot layered over black. Space Cadet looks like a gorgeous fiery pink glitter over the black. Halley's Comet becomes a verdant green sparkle that is just so pretty. Galaxy Girl becomes deeper and darker with subtle blue sparkle. It's less impressive as the others but still quite lovely.

Let me show you another angle so you can see the differences!


Space Cadet still throws that warm, golden olive flash and Halley's Comet reclaims it's blue flash at this angle.
This was a really fun experiment and definitely expands the wear you can get from the Cosmic FX.

Now, let me show you some layering over my favorite dark, green creme.

Base: two coats Orly Wandering Vine
Ring: Two sloppy coats Orly Space Cadet
Middle: One coat L.A. Girl Rock Star Head Banging
Ring: One coat L.A. Girl Rock Star Crowd Surfing
Pinkie: One coat China Glaze Watermelon Rind

Space Cadet is still quite nice over this, I'm just sorry my application is so bad. I got caught in the middle of a kitty stampede! (Trixie and Dita were chasing each other all over the house and took me out!) Head Banging and Watermelon Rind looked exactly the same so now I need to do a comparison of them.


I think the clear winner here is Crowd Surfing. How amazing does it look over Wandering Vine? 
What other colors would you try over this? 

That does it for me! I have a few chores to finish before it's time to start a new work week.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Layering is so much fun! I really like Space Cadet over Wandering Vine--I wouldn't have thought to try that.

  2. WoW! These are cool! Ill try layering one of these days:)


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