The red circle holds the only light

Good day!

I'm bringing a quickie layering shot I did the other day. I don't know why but I woke up wanting red on my nails.
I grabbed a Sally Hansen mini I've used a couple of times that's a nice true red and slapped it on. Well, I think my Nailtek Foundation II is simply done because it grabbed hold of this polish and streaked and kind of looked like it was drinking it in. This simply would not do so I grabbed a trusty duochrome to help take care of the issue.

Two coats Sally Hansen unnamed red mini
topped with one coat Nina Ultra Pro Molten Ruby

Not too shabby, but it kind of gave it a pinkish cast that I did not like. As evidenced in the next picture:

You can kind of make out the warm golden orange flash Molten Ruby throws but it does look a little frosty.
I wasn't super excited about this. It helped cover the sadness of application woes but it wasn't my favorite.
However, at different angles you could see that golden orange flash and that was awesome. I guess I was hoping it would come out that way period.

This was not easy to capture at all!

I think I'm going to stick to wearing Molten Ruby on its own. It's not bad over black BUT it's a little difficult to apply in a nice, even, thin coat. And on this mani I could see those brush strokes and I did not like it! (No one else could but that's besides the point.) So, what have we learned?? Molten Ruby is best on its own and I need a new bottle of ridge filler. Yay.

Thanks for coming by. Hope the coming weekend will be lots of fun! I will be planning a new Duck Day mani for Saturday so stay tuned for that.

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