Sunshine, blue skies please go away

Good morning.

Today I have a dark blue/navy comparison.

Today's candidates from left to right:
Wet n' Wild Nocturnal
Orly Star of Bombay
Orly La Playa
Orly Blue Suede

I just picked up Nocturnal yesterday since Walgreens had a sale on Wet n' Wild. Mainly I bought it to make a navy jelly franken but it is pretty damn snazzy. That inspired me to do a comparison.

Left to right:
La Playa, Nocturnal, Star of Bombay and Blue Suede
All two coats, no base or top

Nocturnal and Star of Bombay are very similar. Both are a deep, dark navy that leans black with subsequent coats. However, Star of Bombay has a subtle blue shimmer and Nocturnal is a jelly creme.
La Playa is just awesome.

This gave an opportunity to use my new #1 layering polish, Sally Hansen DVD.

 Same as above, all topped with one coat of DVD

DVD looks amazing over blues, black, purples and grey. I love that the glitter gives an almost pebbled texture to the base color. The polish itself is a blue/purple duochrome jelly but will throw a green flash. It is simply amazing. I had to go out and buy a backup bottle because I love it so much.

That does it for now. I'm so wiped out from some major family drama from yesterday and I still have chores to do! Thank you as ever for coming by and have a wonderful day.


  1. Love the layering with DVD! Sorry to hear about the drama; hope things have calmed down now.

  2. Love the layering you did!

    This is an awesome post, thanks for the ideas :)


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