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Good day!

Originally I intended to show you a layering combo, poorly done nail art and some snazzy decals I got. I was waylaid by some Twitter drama though. So this has taken me two hours to write this post. Oy.
So let's get to the pics!

Two coats China Glaze Grape Pop
topped with two coats Milani Totally Cool

Really. I am so disappointed in my camera and the gloomy weather. This is a glorious combination. Grape Pop is such a richly pigmented purple but Totally Cool's jelly goodness adds another dimension that is like...whoa.Which is the technical term by the way.
I just don't understand why my camera would not play nice with this. It may be that it's old and cranky.

See? This is a little bit better. 

Now is the time to show you my piss poor nail art that I did yesterday morning.

Hot Mess Nail Art
Original pairing of above
Tips are too many coats of Color Club Warhol and 
one coat of L.A. Girl Rock Star Scandal
I seriously do not remember which packet of nail decals this is from.

It really did not turn out well. I was trying to cheer myself up after a ridiculously hellish night at work and I had a raging migraine that was not helped by the jack hammering next door. Yes, I woke with a migraine and my neighbors were having their foundation repaired that morning. So awesome!
So that pretty much sums it up there. Meh.

Finally, I got some new nail decals from my friend, Kellie. I am a little afraid of the French manicure ones ONLY because my nail beds are so tiny. But they are really snazzy. I may have to be brave and trim them to use them though.

Nail decals

That does it for me for now. I'm headed to Sally to pick up some Orly gorgeousness and then Dollar Tree for supplies. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love it! I even love the "fail" :) Also,Twitter drama? Not cool.

  2. i think it looks cool.. I like the colors.. a lot!
    yeah twitter seems to have lots of drama.. i try to stay clear from drama.. but i guess it's always going to be there..


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