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Good day!

Today I'm bringing some nail art I sported the past couple of days.

Left hand:
Base is L.A. Girl Matte White
Sponge art is China Glaze Grape Pop
L.A. Colors Radiation
and Nina Ultra Pro Grin and Berry It

I painted three coats of Matte White the night before and the next day I did the sponging. I used reinforcements and sponged Grape Pop over them. It came out pretty cool but I wanted to add more color so I did Radiation and Grin and Berry It. I didn't use enough of the purple to really take advantage of the reinforcement and so the design was way too subtle. Adding the other colors really softened the whole thing.
It looks great but let me show you what happens when you use enough polish.

Right Hand 
Same colors as above plus Shaky Hand Syndrome!
Taken the next day so mind the chip tip.

Yeah. That is so much better. I got a lot of compliments on this and many people commented that the left really looked tie-dyed. Which I guess is so perfect for Eugene. We have lots of aging hippies! You know me, it was no big deal to be rolling with two entirely different looks on my hands. 
I wasn't finished with this before removing it. Since I used a matte base, I wanted to see what this looked like completely matte.

Same as ever with one coat of China Glaze Matte Magic

It's a tad subtle but it gave it a very stone like texture. Overall, this was a fun mani. I am really loving sponging. It makes for great textures and it dries super fast. I've found it easier to sponge with reinforcements than trying to paint over them so this gives me another fun element.

Next up is what I wore yesterday.

Base is three coats Tip Toe Crushed Grapes
Stripes are L.A. Girl Addict

This was a simple look I achieved with blue painter's tape. Crushed Grapes dries ridiculously fast so it was such a good choice for a morning mani. In regular light, the stripes are really subdued but in sun, it glows!

This was a fun look to do and gave me something else to do with the five million rolls of painter's tape I own since Matt hasn't yet decided if he wants me to re-paint the living room.
(I love painting walls almost as much as I love painting nails. I know I'm weird.)

That will do it for now. It's my weekend and I'm ready to relax!
Have a lovely day and have fun polishing!

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  1. I love that purple! I just bought some polish that I ended up hating. At the store, it looked like a pretty purple glitter polish. I got home and tried it and it's a blue and red glitter polish. Not what I thought I was getting. I had to re-polish like 5x to get full glittery coverage.


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