'Cause they're Blue's clues... Blue's clues......

Happy Halloween!

Today me and my friends dressed as characters from "Blue's Clue's." I had a lot of fun making the costume even if it wasn't super perfect and I thought it looked really cute. Plus, it was also an excuse to wear sweats at work so I think it's a win all the way around!

Proud Puppy

I was Magenta, before she got her glasses.


Matt helped me cut and sew both the ears and tail. I think it's too stinking cute!

Blues Clues Crew 10.31.10

From left to right:
Me, Robert as Steve and Joede as Blue
Our office is so luxurious...

Of course my nails were done and I did a special mani just for this costume.

Base is China Glaze Flying Dragon, three coats
The paw print is China Glaze Heli-Yum

I love Flying Dragon but damn, it is such a beyotch for me. It's hard to apply and so streaky. It's just a really hard love affair with this moody bish. However, I do love how my paw prints came out. I used a reinforcement to get a nice circle and my dotting tool for the toes.

That does it for me. I'm going to my mom's for a yummy fried chicken dinner. I'm excited to see what my parents have dressed their dog in this year!
Hope everyone has a great time tonight!


  1. You all look great! Your nails are so coordinated and Matt is multi-talented :)

  2. You look so cuuute, plays with floppy ears. lol


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