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Today I'm bringing you my first ever MAC polish that I picked up on my anniversary date. We went to the outlet in Woodburn and I hit up the Cosmetics Company Store.What a great resource for a tightwad like me! They had lots of product from (recently) past collections and at prices that are more in line with my budget.
I had fun perusing everything but I was super excited to find the one item I truly liked from the Style Black collection.
I speak, of course, of Baby Goth Girl.

Three coats, no base or top

I was really pleased with this. I was a bit hesitant because I've often heard horror stories about application with MAC polishes but this applied nicely. My only application complaint was a bit of drag at the tips. However, I chalk that up to shaky hands. I have to stop trying to apply nail polish before breakfast!

Same as above, indoor light

This is a deep, nearly black, vampy wine. The flakies are golden but really subtle on the nail. There's a snotch of reddish-purple glitter that helps keep this from being flat and overly dark. 

It was exciting for me to be able to pick this up and avoid the hassle of trolling ebay. It was hard to keep from buying lots and lots more but I had a budget and I needed to buy some work clothes!
So was it worth it to buy at the outlet? For this, yes because the color was limited edition. However, two hours to drive is not so hot. The price wasn't bad either. I saved almost five dollars on this as opposed to buying it at full price at release. 

I'm sure I will buy more MAC products and I may even visit my local counter again. (Even though I really do not like the people there.)

Have you been to the Cosmetics Company Store?  What are your thoughts on outlet shopping for beauty products?

That will do it for me today. Thank you for coming by!


  1. last time i went to a CCO i got Lancome, but I did't see any MAC. great score!

  2. Everyday is Halloween...
    I have the polish as well. I think the drag at the tips can also be due to the flakies sort of sliding off the nail. It's a nice color. I just wish the flakies were more prominent.


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