The snow in my hand...

Good day!
I was browsing through Rite-Aid the other day while looking for things to finish my Halloween costume and I stumbled across the display of Snowman polishes. I love these little holiday polishes, the bottles are just too cute! I wasn't super excited by the selection available but I couldn't walk away. Story of my life, right?

Unnamed Snowman red glitter
Three coats on ring and pinkie, no base coat
One coat over one coat of unnamed Sally Hansen red creme mini

This is a very translucent red jelly base with both red glitter and holo glitter. Three coats was fairly opaque with a small bit of VNL. It dried really quickly albeit matte. I did a quick and dirty layer over a red creme which was really pretty. It really amped up the red and the holo was very nice. 
For the complaints, the brush is all wonky and bent and there are no ballz in the bottle. Thus, the holo glitter settled to the bottom of the bottle. I got as much as I did because I spent a great deal of time turning the bottle in my hands to try and mix things up. The "hat" tends to get in the way when applying too because the brim is wavy and it's not very comfortable to hold. However, I can always decant this into an empty bottle with better brush and pick up some ballz to throw in. Ain't no thing, yo.

Have you seen these little cuties? Any plans to pick them up?

That does it for today. I'm still working on finishing my costume in time for Sunday. I hope to post pics as soon as it's to my liking. It should be cute!
Thanks for coming by and have a lovely day!

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  1. nail polish bottle, very sweet :)))


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