DUCKing out

Good morning!

Today I'm running away from home for the weekend. I'm going to do some shopping in Portland and spend some quality time with my favorite person in the world. However, today is game day and I'm still going to show my spirit. Thus, I bring this week's Duck Day manicure.

 Ring finger is two coats Sally Hansen Lightening with 
one coat of Claire's yellow flake glitter.

Thumb through pinkie is two coats New York Summer Amaranth
topped with one coat LA Splash Ocean's Fairy

This is a little subdued for me in spit of the glitter but there's no time for nail art today! It's still cute and I'm quite pleased. 

Today is also my beautiful, amazing sister's birthday! She's my best friend and the one person I can't simply do without. It's also the first time we're spending her birthday apart. It's all good though. She's spending time with our other sister in Nebraska.

 Happy Birthday, Pooky!!
Hope you're having a wonderful time and I love you like mad!

Have a great weekend everyone, see you soon!


  1. Aww Happy birthday to Pooky!haha Cute mani!

  2. Love the manicure. Happy Belated Birthday to your sister.

  3. Aww that mani and duck key chain are soooo cute!! I love my Ducks! Can't wait to see them play in the BCS Championship!


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