The essence of it all

Good day!

Today I'm bringing a brand new love to show you that I picked up at Ulta.

Essence Colour & Go Just Rock It!

Three coats, no base or top

I was most excited to pick up to go to Ulta just to get my hands on Essence. Holy bats, is this brand affordable too. I got this for 99 cents and a liquid eyeliner for $2.49. Them's my kind of price points!
I only got the one because the end cap display was seriously wiped out. What was left I have dupes or things very similar so I resisted. But this, this was calling my name. It is a glorious dark blue creme. It's much lighter than Orly La Playa which is the closest I have to this. 

This applied beautifully and dried super quick. Most importantly, it's just so pretty. I didn't want to take it off even though I was only wearing swatch application on my left hand. 
This and this alone has made me fall madly in love with Essence. I must have more! (On an aside, the eyeliner is fab. Long wearing, easy to apply. Love it.)

Here is where I have yet another complaint with the Tualatin store. I was just about to leave when I finally spied the display for the Denim Wanted collection. Tucked away on a shelf several rows away from the end cap display I picked up my Colour & Go. Seriously, the whole store was like that. It was maddening! 
I really wanted to grab at least one polish from that but Matt came in to let me know he'd just a bought a new club at Golfsmith. So...that meant no more pretties for me. Oh well. Another time, perhaps.

Gratefully, Essence can also be purchased online at Ulta so I may have to save my NP budget and make a nice big order. 

So who's a new convert to Essence? Any other pretties I need?

That does it today. Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend!

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