I am ice, I am clear, let the world be cold

Good morning!
We had snow yesterday in Eugene and boy, was it crazy! It doesn't snow often or very much here so it's always a big deal. Like the town almost shuts down. We have a lot of steep, hilly areas so icy roads are super bad mojo. I ended up at work an hour early because of mass bus delays. It's not going to snow much anymore but right now I'm watching some light flakes falling mixed with leaves. I'm quite grateful to be inside, wearing pajamas and drinking good coffee!
I just wanted to show you a shot of Autzen Stadium from yesterday's snow.

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Brr! Do Not Want.

I'm glad that this is a pretty rare occurrence, I do not like snow! I had my fill when I was a kid in Nebraska.

A funny aside: As I was walking to the bus station, I got stopped by two cute little boys who asked me if I wanted to have a snowball fight with them. How adorable is that?

Hoping you all are warm, comfy and happy today! I know this weather is making me long for the warm breezes and mojitos in Cancun. Only 96 days until I'm there again!


  1. Oh wow ... that's scary! I used to like this weather before I started driving, now it just means I'm trapped in the house :D


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