Just DUCKy...

Good morning!

I'm back from a prolonged absence thanks to catching some hardcore cooties. I got a really nasty cold that knocked me flat for two days and even forced me to leave work early. I NEVER call in or leave early so you know I was sick. I'm doing much better now, just hanging on to a grody cough. Blech.
Aside from all of that, I did recover in time for Saturday and Duck Day manicure.

I wanted a simple look that was cute, had lots of yellow and was easy to do and dry. I needed yellow because it was to be another yellow-out at the game and all over town. So, this what I came up with:

Base is Orly Lemonade, three coats over one coat of L.A Girl Matte White
Dots are Orly Wandering Vine
done with my handy dandy dotting tool.

I went a little crazy on my pinkie! 

I thought this was pretty adorable. I got a few comments that it looked a little like dice which I found amusing because I've been thinking of doing a dice themed manicure.

I have lots more coming up for you as well as plans for a massive haul this weekend. I'm going to Portland and hitting up Ulta! I'm so looking forward to it and getting away with my handsome husband.
Thanks for your kindness and good thoughts. Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. This is so cute! <3


  2. That's really cute! I'm glad your getting better ;) all that's left is that evil cough,for to go away. Get better soon. ;)


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