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Good morning!

Today I'm bringing a number from my sister's stash. A little back story is called for though. I used to work for a beauty supply and so I had access to lots of good stuffs that I don't anymore. Of course, I got to see the new OPI collections early. OPI always seems to have a cute little mini set  with each collection and my sister would just go wild for them. So I bought her almost every one that came with each new collection. Thus, I am bringing the very last mini set I bought for her.

South Beach

I never bought any from this collection because I was totally underwhelmed by it and most of the shades were ridiculously unflattering on me. However, since I've been on a serious low to no buy, I decided to raid Pooky's stash and show you something different from me.

Overexposed in South Beach three coats, no base

This one was my favorite of the whole collection and really the only one that suits me. I can rock a berry creme, yo. This has a subtle and lovely blue shimmer that I could not capture with my camera. This applied beautifully, natch. OPI's formula has never failed for me. 

Done Out in Deco three coats, no base

I love this color but it does not love me. It brings out rosy tones in my skin that is not okay and held near my face, it makes me look jaundiced. I cannot wear lilac. I look my best in jewel tones, not pastels. However, this looks fab on my sister. 

Suzi and the Lifeguard three coats, no base

I hate this. But I hate pale, girly pink. Correction, I do not like pink. I have some love for neon pink and berries but this, blech.  There is no more to say about this. Ugh.

So there ya have it. More OPI minis to come!

Have a terrific day and Happy Veteran's Day to all of the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. Thank you for your service.


  1. I really like the "Done Out in Deco" colour ^^

  2. Hmmm I feel you on that pink, I do not like pinks like that. The others are pretty though.

  3. I love Done Out in Deco and own that. The rest are okay.


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