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Good morning!

Today is a major swatch and post schedule day but I wanted to bring you a much beloved polish that I really do not like. I also have some pics of my haul from Portland, which was a very productive trip!

 OPI DS Passion three coats, no base
in sun

Same as above, natural indoor light

I adore holos, I truly do. But I cannot abide this. Pink is not a color I care for. I like neon pinks and some berries but that's about it. The holo effect just isn't enough to win me over. So, why do I have this? It's my sister's. It suits her perfectly. Really, there's not much more to say since I just don't feel this.

And now for what will be coming up:

Goodies from Ulta, Golden Rose and Urban Outfitters

Stay tuned!


  1. They're from Urban Outfitters. Swatches will be coming up soon!

  2. I wish OPI would bring back some of their older DS polishes. DS Glamour was amazing!


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