Can I play with madness?

Good morning!

Well, craziness has returned. My work schedule has changed and I feel I'm busier than ever. Oy.

Anyway...I have a couple of things to show you that I've picked up recently.

First we have yet another of the last round of Sally Hansen HDs that were released. I am loving these glass-fleck shades. They are amazeballs for the layering!

 Sally Hansen HD in Spectrum
Three coats, no base or top

Same as above just another shot!

This is still super sheer but I did find a fourth coat seems to take care of things. Dry time is okay but not great.
However, the color is super sweet and I'm looking forward to layering with this. 
What? I'm not showing you something I've layered it with? I've been busy. It's coming. Eventually.

Next up is one of the new Wet n' Wild Fast Dry:

Gray's Anatomy
four coats over ridge filler

I do love me a good duochrome. This is a re-release/ re-formulation  from last summer's Pixel Perfect collection. The original was a silver and it was nice but I decided against it because I have so many. However, this as a ducochrome is amazing and I had to have it. I was sure it was a pretty close dupe to Lippmann Collection Wicked Game and Scrangie has pretty much confirmed it. Which makes me quite happy since I really can't afford Wicked Game.
Three coats for this little beauty is acceptable but I liked four best. Dry time was pretty good but frankly, I've had better. This is another I want to try for layering since it tends to be sheer. Again, that will come eventually.

So there ya have it. I'm hoping to hit up Freddy's to see if they have any of the snazzy Cosmetic Arts polishes and anything else that strikes me. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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  1. Why don't we have W&W?? Darn, I like this duochrome!



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