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Good morning.

I'm actually going to post some nail polish today! Thank bob for small miracles, right?
Today is all about my love for Golden Rose Cosmetics. I made an order a few months back from their website and I just loved my purchases. They have glorious colors, dry fast and best of all, are super cheap!
I've been meaning to buy more but...I blew my NP budget big time when the Orly Cosmic FX came out and I bought the whole lot.
However, I raised enough cash to treat myself to a NP buying trip to Ulta in October. While I was in the Portland area, I stopped at the Washington Square mall and stumbled upon a Golden Rose kiosk. Holy bats, was I excited! I think I freaked out the kids working the kiosk with my enthusiasm. That, and the fact that I knew more about their product than they did.
So...let's move on to some pretty pictures!

 Golden Rose Ceramic #139
Three coats, no base in weak sun

Same as above.

139 is a sexy purple shot through with silver. This applied like butter and dried crazy quick. Two coats will provide adequate coverage, which is awesome sauce but I always apply three.

 Golden Rose Paris The number of which I forget and cannot seem to find my bottle. 

Anyway...this is a gorgeous blackened blue or blued black, whichever you prefer. This again is good to go in two coats but to avoid any sheer spots, I recommend three. This starts out as a sheer black but builds quickly to the above loveliness. Dry time is excellent. 
The first pic was taken under my living room lamp to really show the depth and the other two were taken a couple of weeks ago when we actually had some sunlight. Now I'm about to tear apart my stash to find my bottle!

Finally, I'm giving you a swatch of my favorite go to work appropriate shade. I've had this for nearly a year but never did manage to swatch it. Wait no more...

Golden Rose Paris Holographic #101
Three coats, no base or top in sun

 Ho's a subtle.

Holy Bats! It's a holo!

Seriously, this polish is just amazing. It applies so smoothly and dries so quickly. Three coats are truly best because like many holos, you can have bald patches. I love that as soon I paint my thumb, my pinkie is already dry. *Swoon*
This really is a great work shade. It's lovely and subtle but under sunlight or a good office light, it's just brilliant! I'm grateful I can wear whatever polish I want to work but I'm glad to have this on hand. I always wear this when I have to attend meetings at admin because it is inevitable that I run into our CEO. Best to look as professional as possible!

So there ya have it. Golden Rose polishes can be purchased online at Golden Rose USA and various mall kiosks around the country. On the average, they run for about $3 per bottle and they offer free shipping for orders over $20!
In the Portland area, the Golden Rose kiosk has moved to Clackamas Town Center.

I understand that they now have flakies, so I'll be saving my money for those after Cancun in March.

That does it for me today. I'm off to distract myself until my surgery later today. Wish me luck!


  1. I'm sure everything is going to be just fine!! Hugs!

  2. Haha, holy bats.

    Good luck today. I'm sure you did fantastically.


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