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Good morning!

Today I have some recent nail looks to show you. I do love to do some layering and I enjoy sponging more and more each time I do it. Best of all, neither is very difficult to do!

First up is a recent sponged look I did with all Orly products:

 Base is one coat Orly Iron Butterfly
Sponged with Dazzle, Glam Rock and Halley's Comet

I love how this came out. It has a lot of texture and it glitters and glows without being too obnoxious. I adore how the green tones in Halley's Comet really pop over black. So pretty!

Next up is yesterday's mani:

 Base is Orly La Playa
Splashed with Orly Lunar Eclipse, Orly Out of this World, Pure Ice Heartbreaker
and topped with Sinful Green Ocean

This just glowed! It went from deep blue to green and to purple. It was stunning! However, it did not hold up too well. I was putting out rack last night and I had a major piece of polish come off in a sheet from my right middle finger. My mani was no match for putting out clothes! That and the tight racks and clips from pant hangers scratching the hell out of my nails. *whine whine whine* What can I say? My job is not nice to my nails.

Hope you enjoyed the pics and maybe it gives some ideas. Thank you for looking an hope you have a great day!

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  1. That last photo is AMAZING! that is just gorgeous!


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