I discovered a heaven for us

Good day!

Today I'm bringing you my new found love and the hope that Revlon just may be redeeming themselves to me.

I've had trouble with Revlon polish before and frankly, it was just too much money to shell out for a drugstore polish that disappointed me so. Well, I'd seen fabulous pics of Royal and it became a bad lemming. So when I was at Fred Meyer last week, I found it along with a two for coupon. What a deal! That left me with a dilemma of what else to get. Upon further browsing, I stumbled upon another lovely number that I saw many lovely pics of and in my basket it went.

I speak of course of, Powder Puff!

 Above: Two coats, no base or top

Three coats no base or top

I adore this. White can be tricky, especially mattes but this makes me so happy.
It's quite sheer but it has the loveliest touch of purple/blue shimmer. It builds pretty nicely and dries very fast. It can be streaky but I've found that a nice ridge filler and a hand that has not consumed three espressos solve that problem.
This is such a versatile polish for someone like me. It's a great wear-to-work color once you add topcoat and it makes a glorious base for nail art.

My nails arts, let me show you them:

Newsprint mani
Base is L.A. Girl matte white, three coats
Newsprint transfer
One coat of Powder Puff
Konad Special Polish and key image from
Coraline "B" package.

I loved trying the newsprint transfer. I used rubbing alcohol and it was all easy! I decided to use the key image because the story I was cutting from was about a Russian spy case. Story here: http://www.registerguard.com/csp/cms/sites/web/news/cityregion/25638747-41/nicholson-nate-harold-brown-prison.csp
Adding Powder Puff made the newsprint much more subtle but I was loving the shimmer. Frankly, I am so proud of this one. Since it was my first time trying this method, I'm pretty thrilled it turned out as well as it did!

Next is what I wore on Wednesday because I wanted to do something sweet:

Base is Powder Puff, four coats
Dots are Orly La Playa, China Glaze Grape Pop and Sinful Mint Apple

It was super cute. Polka dot manis are fun and so easy to do when you lack the time or inspiration for anything more complicated. My only issue was bubbling from my top coat on my middle finger. I didn't use Out the Door on this, I used Nailene Acrylic Strong. I've had bubbles before with it, so I should've known it could happen. Oh well.

Finally, I want to show you a funky french I did that also shows how bad my skills are after a few espressos.

 Base is Powder Puff, three coats
Tips are Orly Snowcone over bad ridges

I added Color Club Pucci-licious just for funsies
Then my little angel, Gus, jogged my arm and smeared my index.

I guess I have a thing for polka dots right now. Hmm... Anyway, I knew Snowcone would look awesome over this and since my nails are a little long, I had the perfect canvas. I feel vindicated!

I have got the mad love for Powder Puff, y'all. I am going to have to buy backups because I don't think I can live if I ever run out!

That does it for today. I'm going to do some chores and then have lunch with my mommy. Hope you have a wonderful day!

P.S. I got an espresso machine from my mom and sister. It is both a blessing and a curse. I already drank too much coffee anyway!

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  1. dammit I knew I should have bought this when I saw it at Ulta at my moms. I'm texting here now to go pick it up for me


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