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Today I am starting an occasional series about some of my favorite songs. You will find the majority span the realms of hard rock and heavy metal. The first up is a very special song originally recorded by the majestic Deep Purple.

Mistreated was recorded for the Burn album in 1974.The song was written by Ritchie Blackmore years before but it was David Coverdale who wrote the lyrics. It was also the only song on the album that Coverdale sang the lyrics entirely by himself rather than in tandem with then bassist and co-vocalist, Glenn Hughes.

The song was the longest track on the album and very powerful. Enough so that Ritchie Blackmore continued to perform the song with Rainbow after leaving Deep Purple. (Not too shabby considering he had Ronnie James Dio at his disposal...) The 1977 live version of the song by Rainbow is intense. However, it is not the best version.
I know you're shocked by that statement since you know what Ronnie James Dio means to me but I can prove it.

This video is taken from Whitesnake's legendary headlining show at the 1983 Monsters of Rock festival. David Coverdale had just reformed the band after suffering a setback with breaking Whitesnake in the U.S.
This version was a goodbye of sorts.( It was indeed the last time he performed the song until 1997.) It is a stunning thing to listen to. The elegant piano intro by Jon Lord and anguished guitar playing of the late, great Mel Galley are enough to make this the best version ever. What really makes it so is Coverdale's vocals. They are gut wrenching and achingly beautiful in its raw emotion. He throws everything he has into this song and utterly claims it for himself.

I always get goosebumps when I hear this and I usually end up in tears by the time it ends. Please enjoy this wonderful song.

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