Really random

Good morning.

I have a small collection of random photos that I have taken with the FX camera app I downloaded for my phone. It has faux Polaroid, Warhol-izing and toy camera simulator that I've been playing with.

 Golden Rose Paris Holo 101
Toy camera simulator

 Toy camera simulator

 The beginning of yesterday's mani in the Toy Camera simulator

 NYX Purple and Blue Ave
Polaroid simulator
(Look who forgot to sweep her floor. YIKES!)

 My last haul 
Polaroid simulator

 Old Navy Tip Toe Polishes Warhol-ized

NYX polishes Warhol-ized

This app has been really fun to play with. I've had my best pictures when I'm shooting one of the cats not so much my nails. Eh. Gives me something to pass the time with, right?

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  1. Very nice. I could see some big warhol-ized pictures hanging in a nail polish room. (my dream, lol)


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