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Good day!

Today I have another long awaited swatch plus some layering for you.

First, I have another Tip Toe polish from Old Navy.

 Seal the Teal
two coats, no base or top

Same as above, slightly more color accurate

I adore Tip Toe polishes. I have yet to pick one that was disappointing in color, finish or dry time. These go on beautifully and, holy bats, do they dry fast! Seal the Teal is a luscious creme that is ridiculously pigmented. It's a two coater provided your nails aren't as jacked as mine and oh, maybe if you don't have furballs floating around your house.

This is simply stunning on its own but I cannot help myself. I must layer. I think it's a compulsion now.

Index: Sally Hansen Spectrum
Middle: Claire's Glam
Ring: Claire's Mermaid
Pinkie: WnW Gray's Anatomy
all one coat each.

Macro shot of pinkie with Gray's anatomy 
to show green flash.

The glitters were a major success! Glam looks like it was made for this. I'm sure I could do a sweet franken with both of these but I think I'll stick to layering.
The duochromes were a little disappointing. Probably could have used another coat but meh. Didn't want to.

As a bonus, I did shoot swatches of Mermaid. It's a sweet little pale blue that can appear to be green with flashes of pink . It's quite sheer but builds nicely. This could be fun to sponge or Konad/Fauxnad over. (Oh yes, the ideas are percolating.)

 Four coats, no base or top

Don't hate on the state of my hands. Thanks to the weather, my job and health issues; I'm lucky they don't look like chicken feet. Yikes.

That does it for me. It's time to do work! Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I love it and I too have serious layering issues! lol


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