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Good Morning.

I am pretty sad that my Ducks lost the National Championship but I'm so happy to have one of my wishes come true. I had told Matt I hoped to see the Ducks in the big game one day and they did it. The whole season was history making. It was the first time the Ducks made it to the championships and the are the last Pac-10 team to ever play in the championship game. We are very proud of our Ducks here in Eugene!

Oregon Nike Ad 2
Mighty Oregon

In the spirit of things, I bring you the last Duck Day mani of the football season.

Ring finger is three coats Orly Lemonade with 
"O" temporary tattoo.
Thumb, index, middle and pinkie are:
Two coats Orly Wandering Vine
One coat NYS Amaranth
One coat Golden Rose Care + Strong #158

I'm disappointed that I didn't get to spend more time to make this all the more special but work has been hella crazy and I had no time. However, I like how my layering of the greens came out. It was so pretty and shiny that I coudn't bear to take it off. So...yesterday I was sporting this:

Same green as above
Ring finger is three coats Sinful Mint Apple

There ya have it. I'm hoping that I will be able to attend the parade celebrating the Ducks next weekend and get some pics. I doubt I will be able to but it sure would be fun!


  1. Cute manicure! and I love your allegiance to your team :):)


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