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Good day!

I got a chance to sneak over to Fred Meyer today before having to go to a meeting at admin.
Damn, the Fred Meyer on that side of town is WAY better than the one nearest my house. Anyway, I was excited as can be because this location carries a small selection of LA Splash! I had to control myself so I didn't spend my bus fare so I had to sadly narrow it down to one.

My choice?

three coats, no base or top

Seriously, I love this brand. 
Surprisingly enough, I did not own a black creme with silver glitter. True story.
I don't know why either. Black nail polish of pretty much every kind is my favorite. WTF is wrong with me, right? 
All right then. Let's move on to the details. This is a black creme with lots of silver glitter. It applies a little sheer on first coat and really requires three coats. I suppose you could get away with two thick ones but that's going to take a long damn time to dry. That said, every LA Splash I have has dried remarkably fast. 

I also managed to score a WnW Snow Sprite palette as well. It is teh awesome sauce. I can't wait to try out some eye looks with it and the snazzy silver liner. Yay for treating myself!

That does it for now. I have to do a proper swatch and another mani then I can do a monster post about my new found love. Thanks for stopping by!

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