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Good day!

Today I'm showing a couple of manis I did last week. I previously showed swatches of WNW Gray's Anatomy. I talked about layering it over black and Essie Chinchilly and not being happy with either combo and not photographing it. I wasn't about to give up on layering with Gray's so I ran for my favorite grey creme.

 Base is two coats of China Glaze Recycle
topped with
two coats of WNW Gray's Anatomy

Recycle was the perfect choice for this. It was precisely the look I wanted to achieve. What a stunning pairing! I was loving it so much that I did not want to remove it even though I had tip wear so this is what I did the next day:

Same as above but
sponged with Orly Halley's Comet and Galaxy Girl
Flower is Konad Special Polish white and 
fauxnad plate C01

I did not sponge on the ring finger, I just refreshed with top coat and stamped. My pics don't do justice to what I actually got. I placed my sponging randomly on each nail but made to sure to leave enough space for the original combo to show. The sponge was sheer enough that the lovely duochrome still flashed and made for a lovely effect.

Sponging has been a go to for me lately. I appreciate how easy and quick it is to do. What a great way to refresh a mani when you lack time. 

That does it today. I gots work, work, work. Le sigh...


  1. OH my god I loooooooove the sponging! Isn't the duochrome of this one amazing? How do you sponge your manis? what do you use? Ive never tried that because I faillllll at nail art


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