The darkening

Good day!

Well, holy bats! I have yet another sponge gradient manicure to show you. However, this one suits my increasingly dark mood. I've been having big effing problems with my EVO lately and it is making me so angry!
I hate that an update totally fuxxored it and I can't even reset to factory settings. So I have to try and reactivate my old phone while I send my EVO off to be serviced. I am not happy.

Thus, my grumpy manicure:

Base is Revlon Powder Puff
Sponging is China Glaze Recycle
LA Splash Abyss

I got nothing. I'm going to crawl into my cave of fury. See you when I feel better.


  1. I'm sorry! I've been having technology problems really bad too and its the most frustrating thing for me. I'm addicted to technology and without I get massively grumpy

  2. cool mani! sorry about your dark mood. phones suck. i not too excited. seein gall those cute couples monday. lol. i might buy some cheap nail polish monday as distraction

  3. I love this "grumpy mani" look lol (:


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