Reeling in the years...

Good day!

Lately, I've been a bit wistful and nostalgic so I poured it out into another Polyvore set.
I'm a snotch homesick and since my vacation plans are all up in the air, I've been thinking about planning a trip to Orange County to visit my girlfriend, Chris. I've been working like crazy and yesterday I worked just shy of a twelve hour day. So I'm tired. And tired of the cold. (Don't believe the hype about how gorgeous it is on the West Coast right now because Oregon ain't. I wake up to freezing fog every morning and ride into icy wind on my way to work.)
All of this adds up to a cranky, maudlin Lambchop and nobody likes that.

Anyway. I give you an idea of how I dressed during the end of the 80s. I'm not super thrilled with this set only because I had a hard time finding a decent pic of a KNAC shirt that would even show up. The shirt is VERY important. KNAC was THE station you listened to in Southern California if you liked hard rock/metal. It had a notoriously weak and unreliable signal and was braodcast from Long Beach but once you tuned in, you got to rock hard and be entertained. It was a godsend for this metal girl in not cool at the time Orange County.
You had to own one of the shirts and plaster everything you could with their bumper stickers. (All of my binders were covered as well as my skateboard.) I was over the moon when I finally got my shirt. I have a lot of great memories of KNAC both as a listener and dedicated stalker of on-air personalities. But, those are stories for another time.

In my day...

In my day... by Mighty Lambchop featuring sterling silver jewelry

Please to excuse my inane rambling. I'm still tired despite three espressos. 
However, I'd love to hear some of your teen year memories. I hope you'll share! 


  1. I grew up in the Bay Area of California and our station was KOME with Dennis Erectus as the night time dj and he specialized in bending rules and being offensive. Kind of an earlier Howard, but better. It was THE station for rock and roll and partying and I loved it.
    One night I had to work the closing shift at a now defunct department store. That night was I walked across the way to the electronics department (I was in housewares) and tuned in Dennis to entertain me. The best part was watching the shocked expressions of passing shoppers. I enjoyed every minute!

  2. Gotta love the Slayer shoes! In my neck of the woods, metalheads listened to Megahurtz, a show on the local college radio station that was on Thursday nights. The show still exists according to the station website, but I haven't tuned in lately. I have satellite radio and can listen to Liquid Metal if I want. We also have like 2000 CDs to choose from. In any case, Megahurtz introduced me to Death Metal. It was the first place I had heard such bands as Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, and Morbid Angel.

  3. Liz - That is a great story. When I'd go shopping with my mom, I would always tune all the radios in the electrical dept. to KNAC then I'd turn them all up really loud. I was a jerk kid.

    Deb - My nephew often forgets that before the internet one HAD to listen to the radio to find new music. He was stunned to know about tape trading which was my other way to find music back in the day. That said, I'm grateful for the internet to feed my addiction. Sooo much easier to find music.


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