Essie, Love is for Suckers.

Good morning!

Today I'm bringing you a recent purchase I made from Apothica. This is also an opportunity to compare and contrast between my beloved Panasonic Lumix and my brand new Nikon Coolpix S6000.

It's yet another out of my zone polish but it's one that's been haunting me for some time. I speak of Essie Lollipop!

First up: A shot of Lollipop with my Panasonic

Three coats, no base or top

Next: Shots from my Nikon

Same as above

All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

I definitely need to work with my Nikon some more but it is definitely an improvement. What I'm especially thrilled with is that I can crop my photos on the camera. What a time saver! What do you guys think?
Now, let's discuss the polish. ;) This is the perfect red jelly I've been searching for. VNL doesn't have too much impact and the finish is just luscious!  I had no issues applying this and it dried really quickly. I have only one other Essie and it does not behave as nicely as this. 
I'm really so happy with this, it's just so pretty and yummy looking! You know if you want red, Essie always does a damn fine one and this no exception.
That does it for now, friends. I'm off to run some errands. I went to the eye doctor yesterday and I now need reading glasses. Well, we forgot to order them yesterday so I have to do it today. I've decided to console myself and pretend that I'm not getting older by rationalizing it as I am now going to rock the naughty librarian look. Especially since I will need to keep them on me at all times.
See you (much more clearly) soon!


  1. I think it looks good!! Big improvement in clarity and in color rendition.

    I have a Panasonic too, and even though it's still new-ish and I love it for taking pictures of everything else, sometimes, I want to throw it against the wall. It just doesn't play nice with polish.
    I'd really like to save up for a canon or sony, which I think are great for polish.

  2. lollipop looks gorgeous on you. It is one of my favey fave reds. Its so squishyyyyyyyyyy. Love me a squishy red

  3. I don't own any Essie nail polish, but I want to get a hold of Lollipop!!

  4. Chaos - Thank you. I need to do more work with this camera but I'm quite happy with it. Sorry your Panasonic doesn't play nice. I hope you'll be able to get the camera of your dreams soon!

    Ange - Thank you. You know I'm not much for reds but this one is a total winner. Love those jellies!

    Monique - I hope you can get your hands on Lollipop. You won't believe how hot it is in person!


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