Please, please Purple

Good day!

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Now that I've indulged myself, let's move on to the next candidate of the ELF Summer Ready kit.

Three coats over Gelous base, indoor light

Check my middle finger. Thanks to Oregon's notoriously schizophrenic weather,
my nail does not like to hold the polish. I do not like.

This is Purple Pleaser. It took me several moments to accurately read the bottle because the printing on the label was so small. Thanks ELF, for reminding me of my advanced age and also that I forgot to order my glasses. You're 1 for 2 so far.

Anyway. This too has a squishy appearance though not typically a jelly. This has a crazy high shine on its own which I like very much. Formula is okay. So far, I've noticed that these are all rather sticky. I kind of feel like I'm painting with glue. It's tricky because you do not want to apply it too thickly but you do not want to apply too thin either. Oy. The good news is this dries really quickly and is quite nicely pigmented. Three coats is best to even any streaks and achieve opacity.

I love purple and this made me very happy. So I decided not to change it but refresh it. For TWO days. That is not a record for me but it is pretty impressive. Let's take a look!

One thin coat of Orly Fantasea on all nails and 
China Glaze Metallic Muse stamped on ring.
Plate A02

Fantasea is such a great layering polish. It's nice on its own, but I've had my best results layering it over other colors. Mmm...duochrome... With my stamp, I actually tried to use China Glaze Grape Pop to stamp the grapes and Metallic Muse for the leaves. The grapes didn't show so I re-stamped with Metallic Muse. If you click the picture, you will see. Ah well.

Yesterday, I had to attend a work meeting and I had neither the time or the patience to change this. So I grabbed my sponge and Metallic Muse and did this:

Taken in the weakest sunlight EVER.
But there was some!

I adored this. Metallic Muse is just so pretty anyway and it looks really cool over my already layered colors.
This will be going away today because I have three more ELF polishes to swatch and photograph today. Who knows? I may actually go and order my reading glasses today. I'm finding I definitely need them. Oy.

I'm awful proud that I do in fact have green though I did not want to do a St. Patrick's day mani. Can't pinch me! (I am a bad Irish-American for not doing it up but I will have me some Guinness tonight. No worries.)

That does it for today. I'm off to swatch, do chores and see if mom is making corned beef and cabbage. yummy...

Much love from your Irish  Lamb!

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