Good day guys!

I got to do some running around town for nail polish yesterday and it was so satisfying! I've been on a small no buy so I could put some $$$ away for new vacation clothes. I swear I felt like I'd been starved!

Let's move on to some polish, shall we?

L.A. Colors Megawatt
FOUR coats, no base or top.

Oh Hai. Lamby bought something completely out of the norm. Megawatt is a super pretty peachy, pink-y taupe-y slightly duochrome with golden shimmer. It is way sheer but it builds pretty well considering. I'm not normally a work safe, lady-like color buying kind of person but this was just so lovely. I really could not pass it up. I'll admit the price was a consideration since I purchased this at Dollar Tree. ;)
This reminds me a bit of OPI Sand in My Suit though not as frosty and much warmer. The application is super sweet and it dries quite quickly.

I have an issue with the name though. Megawatt to me should be representing a retina searingly bright color or a fiery glitter. This makes me think of British colonialists having tea in Belize. Um, yep. That is how my mind works. I pull out random historical references. What I mean to say is that Megawatt is very elegant but with a tropical warmth. Make sense? I thought not. No worries.

I am seriously in love with this though. I'm anxious to try it layered as well as a base for nail art. So what do y'all think? Is the name so wrong or what?

Stay tuned for more swatches to come!

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