Precious, precious Orly

Good morning guys!

Today I am bringing you one of my recent hauls and a bit of nail art. Now, you should know by now that I am crazy fangirl about Orly. So I was not about to pass up buying anything from the new Precious collection. Even more so when I found out that the collection was largely inspired by the Depeche Mode song of the same name.
I'm that easily swayed, yo.

Anyway...I picked up Sapphire Silk and *swoon*, it is so lovely!

Two coats, no base or top


Formula was a teeny bit thick but nothing that made a problem for me. I do love how richly pigmented it is, so two coats gave me full coverage. As always, Orly polishes dry super quick for me and this is no exception.
I was so excited by this that I just could not help but do a very special manicure...

Sapphire Silk, three coats because my nails are being weird right now.
Ring finger is Orly Viridian Vinyl with Sapphire Silk dots

My pictures are leaning way blue BUT these two colors worked quite well together. You really could use them as part of an ombre manicure if you so desired.

I have some good news (mainly for me) but we have purchased a new camera for our vacation that I will be using for nail pics from now on. It has the goods I need y'all. So, there's that.

I'm off for now. Gotta pop some ibuprofen before work because my knees are screaming! 
Thanks for coming by and have a great day!

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  1. Such a great combination! Orly has been one of my favorite brands for a long time.


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