Seeing Stars

Good morning!!

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Now let's move on to some recent nail looks:



This was done with Milani Techno Red and Orly Beverly Hills French Manicure in Bare Rose. I alternated the colors with each coat. Bare Rose toned down the coral of Techno Red and added some pinkish cast. Techno Red has a squishy, jelly-like quality but it's not terribly shiny since it's a neon. Bare Rose gave it the shine it needed and amped up the squish factor. Then I took one of them foil stars that you can get in the office supply section and slapped it on my ring fingers. I alternated the placement because I'm like that. I sponged over with WNW French White Creme. Neato! I have had way too much fun with those stars. You definitely want to make sure your polish is completely dry before you stick it on and you want to have at least one edge of the star to lay outside of your nail so you have grip when you go to remove it. 
I want to try painting over the star rather than sponging but I've not had time. It's coming, I promise!

Next, I was wearing China Glaze Laser Lime but I wasn't satisfied with just the holo. So I used my fauxnad plate with my favorite design and got this:

Three coats Laser Lime
Ring finger stamp Orly Sapphire Silk
Thumb, index, middle and pinkie stamped with
China Glaze Blue Sparrow.
Fauxnad plate K05

I think it came out snazzy. Too bad it's so danged grey and gloomy. This baby had some serious sparkle and flash. Maybe I need to wear the holos whilst in Cancun and get some pics. ;)

Speaking of Cancun, it is exactly one week until I'm on a plane and running away! I can't wait to be sipping mojitos by the pool, exploring Tulum and going snorkeling again. I really should've been an island girl.
Here's hoping I magically come into many, many dollars and then I can stay in Cancun.  ;)

See you soon and have a wonderful day!


  1. these are cute!

    Cancun! Woohoo! I hope you guys have a blast. :D

  2. Have fun in Cancun. I like what you did with Laser Lime.

  3. blue sparrow looks great on laser lime, i love it


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