STINKIN' Petunias

Good morning!

I have yet another polish from the ELF Summer Ready kit.
Before we get to that, allow me to explain my post title. You know the rhyme, "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary?"
My grandpa used to say it to us but with the twist of "stinking petunias" and boy, did it make my grandma so angry. We always dissolved into fits of laughter because he would practically bellow that part. (No easy task considering my folks and grandparents were New Yorkers and pretty damn loud anyway.) Then we would laugh at how aggro my grandma would get over it. Good times.
Hey. It's my childhood memory. You wanna fight about it? J/K, J/K. Maybe I'll tell you stories one day about my grandma. She was...something else...or a piece of work. Depends on who you ask.

Thanks for indulging in my nostalgia. Now we move on to the polish.
ELF Lilac:

Two coats, no base or top

I know what you're saying. "Lamby, Lilac never looks god on you. Why did you buy this?" I would answer with, "It came in the kit and I only paid $4.99 for the whole thing." Then we would laugh and then...
Ahem, yes. Where was I?
Right. Lilac is very pretty and I'm showing two coats because it doesn't look too bad. No jaundice, no lobster hands, yay! But here's where I tell you a dirty, dirty secret. I've been tanning. And that is making lilac look better on me. Until...

Three coats

My camera couldn't capture it but I saw it. The dreaded jaundice was there. This time it brought, "haven't washed my hands after dusting" with it. Dusty and yellow. How lovely.

 Same as above

Lilac is another squishy looking polish that is kind of milky. The formula has that thick, sticky feel. Each layer streaks over the other but I have found that these kind of polishes usually even out with top coat, so no worries. Three coats will give best opacity though if you really study your nails, you will see VNL. 
I can't say much more about this since it's a fail for me. Though not my fault and that's all that matters to me. ;)

That will do for now. I'm headed back to work and into a long, busy week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Pretty color. Too bad it doesn't get along with your skin tone. However, as you stated, it certainly isn't evident in the pics. I wonder if it is something that only you would notice in real life?

  2. Like Deb, I'm thinking this color fighting with your skintone is something most everyone but you wouldn't even notice. Looks pretty to me in the pics!


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