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Good morning!

Today I'm bringing you the last of the ELF Summer Ready kit.

First up is Fuschia:

Three coats, no base or top

Fuschia is well, fuschia. With lovely berry tones. This is a typical Spring/Summer color that does nothing but bring some much needed sunshine to the nails. I always think of fruity, tropical cocktails when I wear colors like this. I either have a drinking problem or I'm really, really thirsty. So...yeah.
As with all of these polishes, this has a sticky feel when applying. Must be something about the jelly-ish quality. There's great shine going on and a lovely squishy look. 
I'm not crazy in love with Fuschia but I'm glad to have it in the stash. It makes a great base for layering and nail art.

Moving on, we have the stand out from this collection for me:

 Mango Madness
Three coats, no base or top

I'm super picky about corals and peaches. Most look terrible on me. However, this had such a gorgeous balance between the two. It looks so juicy and tropical! Yummy.
Mango Madness is the fastest drying of the five and the easiest to apply in spite of the sticky feel. Even with three coats there is some VNL but nothing too sheer. 
Holy bats, I adore this. I love how squishy it is and how cheerfully bright it is. It really reminds me of the swatches I've seen of Essie Chubby Cheeks. Which is a big lemming for me. If I get my hands on it, I will have to do a comparison.

The ELF Summer Ready nail polish kit is available at Target for $4.99. 

That will do it today, guys. I have a sushi date with my hubs tonight so I have to get some chores done before he comes home! And, I really need to spend some time making myself look pretty.
Have a wonderful day and hope the weekend is super fun!


  1. I just got this kit in the mail and I love it! How can I argue with a set of polish for under $5? I did find that Mango Madness is a little weird when it dried compared to the other colors. It started to peel off, even with a base and a topcoat! But I like the color and I change my polish so often that it's not really a huge deal.

  2. oooooo Mango Madness looks so cute! And Fuschia reminds me of this Revlon nail polish I have but didn't know the color of it... hmmm NOW I know what colors it is -FUSCHIA! lol

    ...I need to go back to elementary school and learn my colors lol

  3. Mango Madness is so pretty...I love everything mango, so I'm biased, but it is actually really great on you.

  4. I love them both. They look amazing on you!


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