Teaching the colors to a blind man

Good morning!

I've been kinda quiet about it...(ha!) but I'm having a giveaway. You should totally enter. You can do it right HERE. There's still plenty of time AND the odds of winning are pretty amazing. (Less than 10 entries...)
What are you waiting for?

All right then. Let's move on to some nail art!

I had a very long and hectic week with a 10 hour day thrown in. So, I was refreshing manis with some interesting results. Let's take a look:

Three coats of ELF Mango Madness
Sally Hansen Lickety Split Lime
Konad Special Polish White and Blue Metallic
Fauxnad plate that I forgot to make note of.

I wore Mango Madness and loved it but work was rough on it so I had to refresh and I decided to roll with a funky French. I love the color combo but the nail art, not so much. I should not have used the blue. I don't know what I was thinking. Also? White Special Polish, you disappoint me so much. Y U no stop streaking?
I should have left well enough alone but no, it is not my way. You know.

So...next day I slapped on new and improved WNW Buffy the Violet Slayer and then layered it with Nina Grin and Berry It. Behold!

Three coats Buffy and two coats Grin and Berry It
Sorry for ugly cuticles. I washed my hands lots thanks to finding
A VERY NASTY SURPRISE. Oh and there's tip wear. FAIL.

This is one of those combos that can NEVER be photographed accurately. This effing glowed! It was truly beautiful. In spite of having weird application issues with Buffy. I blame the weird weather. It's rained, been near freezing and sunny almost 62, ALL IN ONE DAY.  Springtime in Oregon is so schizophrenic. 

Yesterday, I wore the following. Mind you, I took this pic today because I was short on time to take one when my mani was not full of tip wear. Cause I'm like that.

Added one coat of China Glaze Tempest over all nails
then one coat of WNW Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire minus ring finger.
Stamp is China Glaze Millennium.
AGAIN, I did not make note of my Fauxnad plate. I suck.

I did not care for the glitter, oddly enough. I adore the bird stamp. I've decided it's a Phoenix though Matt says it's a Bird of Paradise. I will brook no dissent. It's a Phoenix, dag nab it! So...yeah.

Because I really want you to see how amzeballs my original flavor layering was, I give you my most recent hair pic. My hair is super long (for me) and I am enjoying wearing pig tails.

Click to enlarge so you can see the nails!
Also, welcome to my second bathroom/salon. 
I do not like the wallpaper.

I also got my new reading glasses and I had to show off because I think they're super fun.

Later that same day...
After wearing a knit hat and bike helmet, the hair has given up.

Thanks as ever for indulging me. You are all too kind. I'm out to edit and schedule some posts. See ya later!


  1. love these nails!!! and you look great! :)

  2. You are just so pretty it makes me kinda jealous. Hehehe. Love that mani!

  3. I like the color that Buffy & Grin and Berry it gives, I've seen to many swatches of Buffy the Violet Slayer but I love your layered mani!!
    & Love your pig tails :)

  4. Landa - Thank you. You're always so sweet. BTW, your hair is looking really good, girl!

    Brooke - Thank you so much. Always glad to have you stop by!

    Original Wacky - What a great screen name! I love that. Thank you for your kind words. I am blushing. But don't be jealous! Normally, I look like a hatchet face in the morning.

    Monique - You are such a sweet girl! I agree there's been so many swatches of Buffy. It cried out to be layered and well...I can't not try to layer pretty much all of my polishes. ;)


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