Doing it for the fame

Good morning!

Today I'm bringing you my last regular mani before vacation. I will be attempting to re-create the Caribe mani that I did back in October.

I'm pretty sure I can do this again.

Yesterday I decided to play with purple and shimmer so I got this:

Base is Golden Rose Ceramic #139
One thin layer of Sally Hansen HD Spectrum
Sponged with Hard Candy Beetle

I cannot quite capture how cool this looks. It has an almost pebbled texture. The base color has silver shimmer shot through while Spectrum has mass amounts of glitter. Then, Beetle has amazing glitter. All three interact and play off each other beautifully. The glitter from Beetle shows up as a red copper which complements the blue and purple nicely. 

What is most spectacular for me is this:

Hot duochrome action!
Dirty, dirty tip wear!

Total game changer that is. This is pretty good considering I had next to no inspiration when I went to do my nails. What unexpected color combos have you tried that ended up wowing you?

That does it for today. I have to vacuum out my suitcase because it still has sand in it from last year as well as having been used as a lounge for Gus. Then I'm packing it up! There will be another post tomorrow and then I'll probably be popping up here and there on Twitter.
Hope everyone has an excellent day!


  1. I like the blues you used in your first mani.

    ..WOAHH I'm lovin' the duochrome of your second mani, good job layering (:

  2. I loved the caribe manicure! :)

  3. Love the blue one SO MUCH, but the duo came out looking awesome and FANCY SMANCY!


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