Effing magnets, how do they work???

Good morning!

We have three more days to go until I'm off to having a seriously amazing vacation! (I'm just a wee bit excited.)

However, the nail polish don't stop. I have lots of things still left to show you before I go. (I will have plenty to show when I get back too. There is a Wal-mart in Cancun after all.)

What I have for you today is another L.A. Colors that I picked up at Dollar Tree.

Magnetic Force
Three coats, no base or top

Both photos taken with my old Panasonic.
I got distracted and didn't post this.

I'll be the first to admit that this isn't particularly new or exciting. But it is a pretty berry creme with a slightly plummy cast. Always a great color to wear for Spring and Summer. I remind you again that these colors always remind me of tropical drinks. I must really be thirsty. ;)

L.A. Colors is a brand I really like. The colors are sweet and I've had very few problems with formula. This is no different. It's really well pigmented and you could totes get by with two coats. Dry time is reasonable, enough for me to be able to do a quick and dirty if I have to. 
I do love the price. I love, love getting these for a buck at Dollar Tree. The only drawback is a so-so selection. But I can also get them at Hiron's (a local drug/gift store that I insist you visit if you ever come to Eugene.) for $1.99 and have a better selection.
And there is always the beloved Cherry Culture to help feed the addiction. 

I just realized that I have lost my train of thought and don't know where I'm going with this. My impending vacation MUST be eating my brain.

See you soon!


  1. I saw a bunch of LA Colors (including the Art Deco striper polishes) at Dollar Tree on my last visit. I didn't know if they were any good. I ended up picking up an old Sally Hansen Nail Prisms polish.

    I chuckled at the title of your post. It reminds of the Art of Trolling website.

  2. Looks gorgeous on you! I love pink so I'll definitely have to check it out. The dollar stores here have a horrible selection of nail polish so I'll have to go the etailer route unfortunately. Have an awesome vacation <3

  3. I love L.A. COLORS also (:
    inexpensive and pretty colors. Great pick, it looks great with your skintone1!

    Hope you have fun in Cancun♥

  4. Deb - I envy that you got Prisms! My Dollar Tree doesn't get really good old school stuff. Boo. I definitely recommend trying L.A. Colors though. Very nice for the price!
    I'm vaguely aware of Art of Trolling but I've seen several of the memes making fun of that dumb ICP song. I felt it only appropriate. ;)

    Ginger - I knew you would love this! This would look so amazing on you. You. Must. Get. It.
    Sorry that the dollar store by you is meh. But thank bob for Cherry Culture, right?

    Monique - Thank you! I think this would look really nice on you. So, you should probably get it and we can be twinsies. ;)

    Wish I was taking all of you with me!


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