Got the Glory

Good day!

I'm excited to announce the winner of the Apothica $25 gift card giveaway! I was grateful to everyone who entered and I wish I was giving you all a prize.

So...what I did was make a list of everyone's name including multiples for those who got extra entries in a spreadsheet. Then I tabulated all of those entries and went to  and had it randomize the number of entries. Those random numbers went into the column next to the names. Finally, I sorted the number column in ascending order which randomized my names column. The result?

Justine is the lucky winner!!!

Congratulations to Justine, I hope you'll find lots of good things! Keep an eye out for your email with your gift card code and be sure to have saved so your prize doesn't get eaten by your spam folder.

Thank you again for entering and giant thanks to Apothica for being awesome and sponsoring a great contest!

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