Greetings from Paradise!

Good morning guys!

Today is my last day in Mexico and it sure has been AMAZING. Of course, I managed to pick up several bottles of nail polish that I will be showcasing after I get home. BUT, before that I wanted to bring you a little reminder of last year's haul.
Let's begin!

Both of these Idyl polishes I picked up at La Isla Shopping Village at a store called Kloom. Which is basically like Claire's with the added bonus of Luchadore merchandise for sale. That store cracks me up every time.  Both of these are fab. Colors nice, quick drying but smell terrible. A total steal at 20 pesos since I picked them up during a BOGO.

Maybelline Colorama in Raspberry

I got this at Walmart. For reals. I was psyched to see Colorama because they are nowhere to be found in the States unless you happen to spy them in a pack at Big Lots or Dollar Tree. This is a glorious red jelly that dries insanely quick. I adore it!

I had another to show you. BUT, Matt deleted my pics. It was one that I picked up at Walmart last year that somehow got lost in my polish room. I found it right before we left and swatched it but no pics! So I'll do it AGAIN once I get home and include it with my new goodies. 

That does it for me. I'm out to lay by the pool, play in the surf and generally be lazy.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I really like the orangey color! p.s. I kinda jealous I'm not laying on the beach!

  2. The orange is awesome, and I'm glad that your trip is going well!

  3. Hope you had fun in Cancun! Can't wait for the Mexico haul (:

    I am also loving the orange nail polish, it is so bright and fun! I'm liking that blue also, it looks really good on you.


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