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I have some news on the giveaway front. In the process of validating entries right now and once that is all done, I will be using to choose a lucky winner of the Apothica $25 gift card. Thank you so much to all who entered, it really means a lot to me! I apologize for the delay and I thank you for being patient with me.

Today I am bringing you the first in a series of my recent Mexican nail polish haul. Please ignore the state of my nails. The sea water dried them out a bit and I got the peelies. Ridge filler is totally my best friend right now.
First up is one that I bought last year. It got lost somewhere in my polish room and I did not find it until just right before we left this year. Very interesting occurrence.

Mayela - Three coats no base or top

Mayela is a rich wine with lots of shimmer. Some blue shows up in the bottle but not as much on the nail.
This is a tricky one application wise. It tends to drag as you get close to the free edge of the nail and goes on pretty streaky. Dry time is iffy. I've found a thicker coat gives better coverage but it takes much longer to dry but is still easily dinged even when you think it's dry. 
It's very lovely and I will probably use it more as a layering since it's kind of a PITA all on its own.

Next up is Nicole. I should state that Renova is the maker of both of these but the Inova is probably a special fashion line or something. Let's move on shall we?

Three coats, no base or top

Nicole is a light purple metallic with subtle blue flash. A weak duochrome. This applies crazy sheer. Four coats would probably get best results since it likes to leave bald patches. It would probably be pretty sweet layered over a nice purple creme. China Glaze Spontaneous comes to mind and now I will have to try it!
Dry time is supberb and bald patches aside, it applies pretty well. 

Overall, I'm enjoying both of these very much. I purchased both at Wal-mart in downtown Cancun. Both were roughly about 45 pesos which works out to about $3.84 US. Pretty affordable.
I think I might be going a snotch crazy with my collecting. Now I want to go back to Canada and pick up some of their brands. Then I can showcase my polishes of North America. ;) Oy.

Hope you enjoyed these. I'm already planning my trip to Mexico for next year and this time I might hit the Wal-mart in Playa Del Carmen just to see if they have anything more. I do have my priorities straight, y'all.

That does it for today. I'm having my folks over for dinner tonight and they get to sit through the vacation pics. Ha ha! BTW, pics will be coming. Matt is weeding through them and sorting them out. I can't wait to show you Xel-Ha!


  1. The purple nail polish is so cute, too bad about the sheerness of the nail polish.


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